Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rich Women

My biggest pet peeve - rich, snobby women.

Today our church went to a Habitat for Humanity build. Little did we know we would be surrounded by the typical, rich, "Plano West" moms. (Plano West is probably the snobbiest place around, maybe worse than Highland Park? Close call.) Here are just some of the things being said around me as we tried to help build the house.

- "O EM GEE - I CANNOT BELIEVE NONE OF YOU WATCH GLEE!" (said by a 40+ year old mom)
- "So, where are you all going for Thanksgiving? We are going to the Carribean, they have great golf!"
- "Umm, I'm gonna go find something else to do, I don't want to get paint on my clothes."
- "I am NOT lifting any more, I don't want my back to hurt!"
- "My life is SO busy. I don't really know what I'm doing, but I mean my life is FULL."
- (talking about nose jobs) - "Well, I just want him to take off this bump..."
- (Woman in true religion jeans and high heel boots- "Well this is all I have to get dirty, I don't have anything worse"
- while we were painting long wooden boards, after we paint one side.."So let's just flip them over now and paint the other side"
- while painting the sides of the boards - "it's just like when you get your nails done!"

Their afternoon consisted of standing around holding a paintbrush and gossiping. It drove me absolutely crazy. Why do you even bother coming? To make yourself feel better about being a rich lazy snob? Now here is my real discovery, acquiring money makes you a different person and not in a good way. Most rich people don't go around donating their money and doing good things with it. Well, there are of course suggestions. But these women, even if they didn't have money their whole lives, once they get money they become this stereotypical, dumb, full of themselves, snob. Having too much money gives them too much freedom to buy everything they need to make them not have to put forth effort into anything. Their energy goes into telling other people what they want them to do, and therefore, they start to think they are better than everyone who has to do these things themselves. As much as young girls may think they want to marry a rich guy, I've realized I would never want to marry a rich guy, because I don't want to become like that. And I've realized these women are my absolute biggest pet peeve. I'm sorry but you are not the center of the world, and you need to get off your throne and get down and dirty like the rest of us.

If the government required each person to do 5 hours of community service a month, and really and truly experience it, maybe we'd all be a little bit better people and the world might be a little bit better of a place. I realize this may all sound a little hypocritical coming from a girl who has lived in Plano her whole life and goes to SMU, but nobody should act like that. I don't even think that's who they really are. I think money taints people's hearts and personalities, and I really do feel sorry for them.

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